Sarah at the Olympics 2012 with Mosin Vasily; Bronze Double Trap

Sarah was an Olympic Referee for London 2012                                                      For the Olympic Shooting Site Click here

Many people ask if you need to be young to shoot successfully.  The general answer is: the top shooters probably started young, but most people do not aim to shoot at the Olympics, but want to have fun shooting locally or even compete at county/national events.  One of the secrets is to have good instruction from day one.

Sarah Daly was not young when she started shooting! She has represented her county in one discipline and was the first woman to win the Eurotrap Championships; Sarah is also organiser and joint founder of the Britannia Grand Prix, the only international competition for the three Olympic disciplines in the U.K.

Sarah coaches several different disciplines from beginners to aspiring Olympic Skeet shooters, with the aim of taking everyone to their maximum potential whilst keeping a sense of fun – and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune

Shooting is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by all ages, men or women, a sport for the entire family – it does not require a high level of fitness, strength or size, or even athletic.

 Sarah Daly:  Email   Mobile 07967328945

  1. Qualified CPSA shooting coach

  2. Child Protection Act

  3. Britannia Grand Prix Organiser

  4. Corporate Event Organiser

  5. Individual coaching in the game field

  6. Etiquette in the game field

  7. Experienced dog handler and in ‘picking-up’

  8. Gun dog training with/without a gun

  1. Feel  the buzz of shooting for the first time

  2. Learn gun handling and safety prior to buying your first gun

  3. Try different disciplines to develop your shooting skills

  4. Promote team building and corporate events

  5. Celebrate with a stag or hen party

  6. Develop shooting skills with individual and group lessons for adults and children

  7. Be coached in Olympic and English Skeet, Sporting and Game Shooting

  8. Experience a simulated game day

  9. Develop your mental fitness